The Secure Seas electronic payment platform offers a convenient multi-currency payroll solution to global shipping organisations and their employees, who will benefit from lower banking and foreign exchange costs, and greater security & convenience whilst travelling in their jobs.

Data Verification

Secure Seas engages with the ship management’s system to receive data for KYC verification

Payroll Generation

Ship management generates payroll file with each seafarer’s individual amounts in various currencies and any standing transfer instructions

Fund Transfer

Ship management company transfers funds to Secure Seas bank account to arrive 24 hours before designated payroll date


Secure Seas transfers the amount into seafarer’s digital wallet and makes any disbursements to bank accounts and family at home by 12 noon GMT on payroll day

Access to Pay

The seafarer has full access to their funds and can withdraw cash in local currency or make purchases both land-based and online. They can also make further transfers to family or other parties as required.